The Fundamentals of a Great Product Description

Tip of the week: The Fundamentals of a Great Product Description!

Product descriptions are so important. They really are! Don’t you think?

Have you thought about the difference between a not good vs. okay vs. an amazing product description?

A few things to keep in mind: 

1- Your customers always seek an experience
2- How can you give them an experience selling online?
3- Your customers need to picture themselves with your product

When writing your product descriptions focus on how it can, will improve and make your customer’s life more intriguing. This is also known as solving a problem for your customer.

Example: Dress Description
Which one sounds better and makes you think of purchasing?

1. This dress is 100% cotton, flowy, black, and midi length


2. Check out your new favorite go to dress for any meeting, after work cocktail, dinner and weekend outing. This dress gives you the flexibility to change outfit just by adding a blazer, cardigan, necklace or scarf. This dress is perfect for the on-the-go-fashionista that is not afraid to diversify her outfit with a simple change of top or accessories.

This is the same for a handmade product and business service you are offering. Always think of an experience, a benefit and not exactly a product feature. Features are very important, but don’t add them without thinking a bit more creatively about what your customer is longing to hear and experience when checking out your amazing shop!

We hope this helps a bit. Would you try these and let us know if your results?

P.S. Do you know that these same kind of descriptions can also be added to your Instagram posts? We can’t wait to see what you come up with?


With Love,

Your Galilee Life Family

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