True Meaning

The Greatest Love Story

Did you know that you’re part of the greatest love story that’s ever been written?

I wanted to send this devotional to you all for Valentine’s Day, but something held me back. I realized that though Valentine’s Day is a nice day of celebration and togetherness, like all other holidays we celebrate, this love story I am about to speak about is not one that is celebrated on just a specific day. 

Are you ready? You don’t need to be married; you don’t need to have a boyfriend, friend, and/or significant other to feel like you can form part of the festivity I speak of. More importantly, if you’re single, you do not need to somber all day and night because you feel alone in this love story celebration.

Why Galilee Life?

Galilee Life is where the fisher’s of men are. Galilee Life is front and center Jesus. Jesus is the leader of this site. How do we make Him more visible? We help bring Matthew 4:19 to life. In an instant we remind people of Jesus’s community. His relationship with us. Him living amongst us. When we also see the basket filled, we think of everything Jesus tells us. “I am the bread of life. I am the light. I am the living word.” 

We also love to think of shopping baskets overflowing with goodies made just for you. GL is an extension of that community that Jesus created in Galilee. A community of vendors, a community of supporters. A community with the one thing in common: Jesus. How awesome would it have been to live in Galilee and be amongst Jesus in the flesh? Here at GL we foster that community online with a warm and welcoming site that is easy to navigate and beautiful to look at. 

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