Weekly Devotionals

Neivis Paulino - Founder / CEO
Mariana Tabares - Community Manager
Aidayvette Febles - Chief Content Editor

Thank you for being here! Welcome! ♱♡‿♡♰

My name is Neivis Paulino and I am the founder of Galilee Life. To my right are Mariana Tabares, our Community Manager and Aidayvette Febles. our Chief Content Editor. First, I’d like to mention how much  we LOOOOOOVE Jesus. God is the center of our lives and everything in it. We are fully aware that regardless of what I go through in life. God is our savior, and our belief in him only grows stronger with each passing day. Everything we do and everything we are has JESUS all over it. With this said…. WELCOME AGAIN!

Mariana and I have taken our private journaling experience from our devotional time with God, to a public weekly devotional writing as a way to connect with you through Christ Jesus. Our heart is for us all to grow spiritually and bountifully in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. 

You may be asking yourself, are these devotionals even for me? You are in the right place if……

  1. You need something to read mid-week that will encourage you and give you hope.
  2. You are looking for someone that you can relate to. No fancy words, just a couple of Christ lovers and followers that also go through difficult times in life,  to walk life with.
  3. You always wanted to be able to email someone back about the questions you may have when reading a devotional or going through a hard time.
  4. You are in need of immediate prayer and need an email that is tailored just for you.
  5. You are looking for real-time encouragement from women that have been there. 

Disclaimer: We are not trained to counsel or give advice that can alter your life in any way. our reason for these devotionals and openness is to obey God in what he has called us to do.

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