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A Christian Marketplace where you can buy and sell handmade, retail, & digital products.

Our mission is to restore the hopes and dreams of small online businesses.

We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for God and the trust that he has bestowed upon us. Our mission takes us to deeper levels of understanding the human heart.

We help build dreams that lead to financial sustainability while providing encouragement and love with the very source constantly being provided to us through God’s love.

Our commitment to God is what gives us the strength to continuously strive for personal relationships, creating a holistic community with the heart as the main focus and cultivating business relationships that last.

Galilee Life offers a variety of services. Please click here

The vendor is only responsible for one small monthly fee. There are no other fees associated with selling your products on our platform.

You get paid immediately after a customer purchases from you. All purchases on the site are paid for via our secure payment provider PayPal. The money goes directly into your own PayPal account. The funds can then be transferred to your Bank Account. You can sign up individually if you haven’t done so already and follow their easy instructions. Visit the following page for further information: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/how-paypal-works

Your customers DO NOT need a PayPal account to make a purchase. They are able to check out as a guest or by signing into their personal or business PayPal accounts.

On Galilee Life we only allow items that are NOT vulgar in appearance clothing items (included, but not limited to lingerie), slander and words that speak against God and his word. (This includes, but is not limited to clothing, handmade, vintage, gently worn, and digital products and services .) We reserve the right to close a shop after a few attempts to openly express our discomfort, as well as delete an item that goes against our guidelines.

We are a mission driven and loving community that loves God very openly. We accept people from all walks of life, the way we feel God would want us to.  You do not have to be a Christian to form part of our selling community, but you must show respect towards our standards and our Christian beliefs.

Our upload size for PDFs is 20mg.

We have partnered with Real Authentication. A company where can verify the authenticity of new and luxury goods with their world-renowned experts. You can upload an image and receive a determination within 12-24 hours. They authenticate the following: Handbags, Watches, Eyewear, Clothing, Jewelry, Shoes, Scarves, Hats, and Homegoods (pillows, glassware, and blankets). A minimum of two experts review each order submitted for a thorough, reliable, and trusted luxury authentication service. Go to realauthentication.com and use our referral code D15CE10 for a discount. 

If you want us to do the authentication process for you, please email us at [email protected] – their basic is $30 for a do it yourself and we charge a minimum of$50 for our help. 

Once you subscribe to one of our membership plans, you will have access to our knowledgebase filled with information to help guide you, but as always we are available via email at [email protected] for any questions. 

Yes. If you are buying from a vendor in the US, check out their policies and send them a message directly about the possibility of an international shipment. 

If you are intending to sell on Galilee Life and you live outside of the United States, you can. Internationally sellers are welcome as long as you have access to a PayPal account. Galilee Life provides the flexibility to sell within your country of origin only or expand to the US. You are responsible for calculating your own shipping rates and providing accurate shipping information to your customers.

Yes! When you buy a product and check out on Galilee Life you now have the option to make a small payment up front with PayPal?

“Your first payment is due at the time of purchase, followed by three installments every 15 days until the balance is automatically paid off. All you need to worry about is keeping your debit or credit card in good standing during the payoff period and managing your credit card payments as usual (unless you used a debit card, which would automatically withdraw funds from your bank account).”

So if you don’t have all of the money available to purchase a product you love on Galilee Life now, start with a small payment. Support our small businesses and buy a product or two. YAY!!!! 

If you wish to change your Galilee Life username, please contact us at [email protected]. Please choose your usernames wisely as it cannot be changed manually by you. If you forget your password, please follow the prompt by clicking lost your password and you can easily reset it.

Yes. Once you subscribe as a vendor on Galilee Life and add your first product, your customers can change the currently on the side panel of your shop from US Dollar, to Pound Sterling, or Canadian Dollar.

We hope you stay with us long-term, but if you wish to delete your account, go to your store manager and disable your shop in the settings section_membership or please send us an email at [email protected] and allow 24-48 hours for a response.

As a vendor you have the ability to write about your business and submit an article for editing and approval by our editorial team. 

Go to the articles section on your Galilee Life store manager dashboard and submit business tips and articles for submission. 

If you are not a vendor and you are interested in blogging for us, please email us at [email protected] with previous work for consideration. 

We kindly ask that your articles are not spammy, degrade God’s word in any way, and with cursing or inappropriate language. We ask that the articles are instructional and provide tips that can help our small businesses grow. You are entitled to submit your photos, but our editorial change it and make minor edits to your writing at our discretion. 

You are protected every time you place an order on Galilee Life. Each vendor has their own policies, but we override policies if an injustice was made on your part and help you recover anything that could’ve gone wrong with your transaction.  If you have any further questions related to this, please be sure to send an email with subject Order Inquiry at [email protected].

We strive to make our customers happy. If the item you receive is damaged, the wrong item or not as described, or if any items are missing, then you must contact the vendor first. If no response is received after 72 hours, please report the issue by emailing us within 3 days after delivery at [email protected] to let us know. After we verify your claim, we’ll refund payment. If we don’t hear from you by 3 days after your order is delivered, we’ll assume everything is OK.

Galilee Life provides USPS shipping to customers dependent on weight and location. Each vendor is allowed to use a shipping company of their choice. Each order is normally shipped using 1-3 day USPS Priority Mail or at the discretion of each vendor. (Please refer to each vendor’s shipping policy.)

Shipping is paid for by the customer. Some vendors offer free shipping. Be sure to check out what their offerings are per product.

No, customers can check out without the need to create an account on our site.

When an order is placed you will receive an email notification, which will contain all of the order details. You can also view the order by logging into your Galilee Life vendor account.

Unfortunately, , we are no longer providing these. The good news is that this service was active when the  customer payments were coming directly to our account. Now payments are made directly to each vendor after a sale, with no waiting period. This includes shipping amounts. 

Galilee Life currently has 20,000+ visitors monthly.

We’ve been asked about taxes and resources alike for small businesses. While we aren’t certified to give you detailed individual information, as every business will vary, we recommend to start with the following links:


https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed , https://www.usa.gov/business-taxes , https://www.sba.gov/business-guide/manage-your-business/pay-taxes , https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/9-tax-and-business-forms-needed-to-start-a-small-business.html


We recommend that you also connect with your local small business association with further questions and/or your own tax or legal counsel. (This information will also be added to our knowledgebase for others to see. If we find out more useful information, we will be sure to add it there as well.)

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