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A little more about us:


Galilee Life was established in February 2018 and launched in August that year. It is a multi-vendor marketplace that features Makers, Resellers for Thrift and Vintage as well as Digital Artists!

We really believe in creating a community for all our boutique sellers, and we have a dedicated Facebook group for shops only, where you can chat with other makers and sellers, ask questions, and support each other! We also create a board on our Pinterest Feed for every shop and invite each owner to collaborate on the board as well! We provide business and marketing help through our Galilee Co. shop where we have book clubs, digital services and soon classes! We also feature shops on our social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

There is also a referral program where you can earn money for any shops you bring to Galilee after they are active after a specified time, and we also have an ambassador program where you can share links from other shops and earn a small percentage of the sale. The original shop still gets all their profits, the reward comes from us. We also have customized gift cards that can be added to your shop as well!

Within your Galilee Shop, you can add welcome videos, as well as videos under each description that customers can view right within the listing, without being directed to another page. We also provide free marketing with our Triple Feature. You send in a listed product, and we create a review on our YouTube, showcase your item in our blog, and share on our platforms! When you upload a new item, it also goes directly to our Newest Arrivals section right on the home page. No need to pay additional money or spend more time to get your item featured!

Speaking of money, listings are free, and never expires! We charge $5.00 per month to sell on Galilee (the first month is free) and only take the standard PayPal fee of 2.9% and .30 cents per sale. We also have ease of multiple uploads through the CSV option.


Welcome! We feel blessed to have you here browsing through.

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