Galatians Bible Study

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Rewbi Bible Studies Galatians Bible study is designed not only for those seeking a deeper understanding of Galatians but also for high school homeschoolers eager to supplement a Bible credit.

Rather than telling you what the chapter means, we guide you through Galatians so you can learn and discover for yourself. This Bible study walks you through the full text of Galatians and includes 5 levels of study:

Study Questions – These questions aim to help you remember what you have read, evaluate your understanding, and encourage you to consider how it is applicable to the time period in which it was written.

Digging Deeper – In this section, you will concentrate on a few specific verses. You will look up the verses in another translation and then reflect on how they connect you to God and relate to the present day. You will be asked to write the verses because physically writing them down helps you remember them better and focus on what they are saying. 

Further Reading – In this section, you will be directed to pertinent verses found in other chapters of the Bible or online articles related to the chapter.

Essay Questions – These questions are optional essay topics for students using this study as a supplement for a Bible credit. These could also be used as discussion points in a group study or as points to ponder or journal.

SOAP – Choose a verse from the chapter or use the verse in Digging Deeper and use the SOAP method of Bible study to read and apply God’s word to your life.

This study is a 93-page PDF download and includes hyperlinks for further reading. This purchase entitles you to one copy of this Bible study and is meant for individual use only. 

An answer guide is included.

Don’t forget to download our FREE PDF book of Galatians with room to take notes, journal, and jot down observations! (Also available in Open Dyslexic Font!)

Rewbi Bible Studies donates a portion of our profits to local non-profits that are meeting the needs of homelessness in the Upstate of SC.  Learn more at www.rewbibiblestudies.com

Galatians Bible Study


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Galatians reminds us of the simple truth of the Gospel: It is through FAITH, not works, that we are saved.

Unlock the rich teachings of the book of Galatians with Rewbi Bible Studies comprehensive “Galatians Bible Study.” This study guide is designed not only for those seeking a deeper understanding of Galatians but also for high school homeschoolers eager to supplement a Bible credit.

This PDF Bible study is thoughtfully crafted to provide five levels of engagement, ensuring it meets you wherever you are in your spiritual journey. Whether you’re a seasoned Bible scholar or just beginning to explore God’s Word, this study guide offers valuable insights and guidance.

Delve into the wisdom of Galatians and gain a deeper appreciation of its teachings. Let this study be your companion as you embark on a transformative journey through the pages of this powerful book.


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