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Galilee Life
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 12 reviews
byLori onGalilee Life
Great Company and Vendors

GALILEE Life is doing an excellent job! I was having problems with the website and they helped me work through it and were very quick in their communication. Thanks you!


byEllen Helms onGalilee Life
Best Selling Website

Galilee Life is a lovely platform that offers so much information, friendship, and especially Christian support! As an online vendor, I've never encountered the kindness, caring, support, and further education that I've found on and through Galilee Life! Customer service is beyond wonderful! At Galilee Life, people are more important than money.

byBianca Bardowell onGalilee Life

Galilee Life has one of the best customer services I’ve ever experienced!!! It’s not all about the money but more about keeping the customer’s best interest at heart. As a customer, this makes me feel like I’m more than just a customer. It makes me feel like I’m a real person who is cared for. Galilee Life is a fun place to shop since there’s so many unique varieties of different products to choose from. Also, if there is ever a problem, it isn’t a hassle to try and have the problem resolved ?

byPampered Treasures onGalilee Life

I love Galilee Life! I have always been on the search for a platform that fits my views, and wasn't there to take advantage of my hard work! Any questions are always answered, the app is easy to use and the customer service is amazing. 5 stars!! If you are a maker, or reseller and have an online boutique, Galilee Life should be on your list of sites to use for your business! An owner that prays for you, is the best thing to have.

byPamela D. Mellison onGalilee Life
Store Platform

I am so happy to be apart of Galilee Selling/Buying Platform. It's very personal and so many different tools that very easy to use. Excellent response time and very professional. A+

byKeyana onGalilee Life

What a breath of fresh air! This website stands out among the rest because of the unique sense of community that it offers. I love how personal the shopping/selling relationship can be and how easy it is to take advantage of the networking opportunities made possible through Galilee Life. If you are a shopper like me, then you'll enjoy the countless unique items available on here. I say, give it a try, you have nothing to lose!

byJames Poul onGalilee Life

Great store

byJuli onGalilee Life

Galilee life has been one of the best platforms I’ve ever used. It’s more than fashion; it’s inspirational. It is God-centered. Providing daily motivation and hope. I absolutely adore this clothing website.

byShae Marĵ onGalilee Life

Home! If I had to summarize my feeling about Galilee-Life into one word, home is what I choose. That warm feeling you get when you are around those that want the best for you. Their level of love truly shows through. This was evident even from our initial communication about becoming a vendor. The support and genuine desire to see you succeed is refreshing. Thank you!

byAngie Rivas onGalilee Life
Angie’s Inspirational Shop

Being apart of Galilee-Life as a vendor is truly a blessing! The support, communication, and the genuine interest Galilee-life has shown me is wonderful and gives a great experience. I am grateful for the opportunity to share with others and be apart of the team!

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