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Welcome to our monthly spotlight of small business owners in the E-commerce world! So please listen up! If you’re a retailer, maker, or reseller, follow us on Instagram and Facebook for a chance to be featured on all social channels as well as in this very page.

Hey supporters! If you would like to join in on our mission and support with a purchase, please do!! The money we make goes to small businesses at the end of every month! Please feel free to check out the products from the business spotlight of the month!

Some of you may be asking, well what does this support look like? We are so glad you asked! check out the following for ways we will support:

  1. We will buy a product from your website or directly via your specific selling channel.
  2. We will promote your products for our followers to see once it is delivered to us and we will take photos of the inventory we receive. Best part? You can use these for your marketing purposes too!
  3. I know we said that was the best part, but do you really want to know what is the best part ever!!!! This is all for FREE!!! At no cost to you! Simply a new way we are using to try our best to support small business owners.


In order to be considered all you have to do is follow Galilee Life on Facebook and on Instagram and that’s it! We can’t wait to show the world your amazing products!


* We will only buy from small businesses that do not promote slander, words that speak against God and his word, pornographic products, and negative graphics.  We reserve the right to choose the small business that we think best fits our mission of love and acceptance.*


We have the privilege and honor to showcase our amazing feature of the month Lidia! The amazing creator behind Mrs. V Creations

Mrs. V Creations is a handmade jewelry shop created to make women feel beautiful and glamorous. Her mission and vision for women wearing her beautiful designer jewelry is not detained by a specific time or location, as her wish is for women to feel good with her creations all of the time. Her beautiful earrings are handmade and every detail is designed by her with attentiveness, love, passion and care.

Lidia is also mom of 3 beautiful children and is a hard worker with the most gentle and loving way of looking at life and business. We’ve had the pleasure of also interviewing her and featuring her in our Inspired By Galilee Blog .

Our hope with this feature is that you would help support her small business the same way we have this month. Every gesture counts towards helping her push forward her dreams and the life she envisions for herself and her family.

Social Media:

Instagram: Mrs. V Creations

Facebook: Mrs. V Creations

Want to see this beauty live? We also did an interview ready to be viewed on our Youtube Channel here !


Haven’t made it to her website yet? Take a sneak peak below before you go!

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