Please review shipping details under each product, as they may vary. We are also associated with reputable Dropshipping stores around the globe that ship their products within 5 business days, which expands the delivery time to approximately 2-3 weeks. (Not all products are via dropshipment. Please check under the policies of each product to understand shipping and delivery times.)

If there are any questions relating to this matter, please email We will be happy to help.

We offer USPS Priority Mail Domestic Shipments that vary based on the state and calculated based on an item(s) weight. We also offer DHL international 1-3 day shipments based on weight of the item and location (may vary depending on remote areas).

Each vendor can add their own shipping policies and if Galilee Life’s policies are preferred, the information under our general policies, will be auto-populated under each product submitted by that specific vendor.

Upon the confirmation of any purchase and sale transaction through the Service and payment of the required amount by the buyer, Galilee Life will send to the seller’s email address indicated in the seller’s account information a pre-paid USPS or DHL (depending on domestic or international delivery) shipping label for the seller to ship the purchased item to the buyer. The seller must ship the purchased item to the buyer using the shipping label (and corresponding shipping method) required by Galilee Life within 3 days after receipt of such shipping label. If the seller does not ship the purchased item within the required time period, then the seller will be notified that the order will be cancelled unless it is shipped within the time period required in such notice. Upon receipt of confirmation from the buyer that it has satisfactorily received and accepted the purchased item, Galilee Life will credit seller’s PayPal account in an amount equal to the purchase price received from the buyer, minus a commission to be retained by Galilee Life, as detailed in the Fee Policy. The buyer must confirm its acceptance within 3 days after receipt of the purchased item at ; if the buyer does not respond within such time period, the purchased item will be deemed accepted.


We strive to make our customers happy. Galilee Life will issue a refund if the item(s) sold are defective and/or not as described, then you must report the issue.

We require a detailed explanation of your reason for a refund request and photos within 2-3 days upon delivery of the items sent to email We will email you with a response within 2-3 business days. Once these steps have been completed, we also require an immediate initiation of a return shipment to P.O. Box 180, Waldwick, NJ 07463, for further physical investigation by our team. We will issue a refund if we consider the item(s) to be defective within 5-7 business days and send an email to the customer confirming such action will be taken.

Please email us at for further clarification and/or concerns.


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