Hydrating Face Mask: Dazzling 12 Ingredient Hydrating Face Mask

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Hydrate your skin for intense moisture with this no-rinse overnight hydrating face mask! Filled with ingredients to nourish your skin, your face will thank you for giving it a much-needed drink and relaxation session!

What to expect:

A super-hydrating face mask that soaks into the skin slowly overnight.

Firmer feeling skin, and possibly a little tingling after application. This is from the powder blend.

Happy skin in the morning!

Where to use: Face

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Do you have dry skin? Oily skin? Maybe a combo?!

Then your face needs this overnight hydrating face mask, formulated to give your skin an intense drink of moisture!

Dry skin is stripped of necessary oils, leaving you with itchiness, and even flaking.

Oily skin is often the case of your skin trying to keep your skin hydrated, and in that case, it does a really good job of it and produces more than it should.

It sounds weird and counterintuitive to put more oil on oil, but with non-comedogenic oils (oils that won’t clog pores) these oils can still get into your skin and clean excess sebum to reduce pores clogging while moisturizing too.

Like attracts like! You just may need to use less!

This hydrating face mask works differently than a cleansing face mask. Start with a clean dry face.

Rinse with warm water or steam prior to using this mask to open pores.

Start with a pea-size, and add more as needed, gently rubbing in circular directions to gently exfoliate.

Let sit for 15 to 30 minutes.

Your face might feel more tight and firm during this process.

Wipe off excess before sleeping to reduce transfer onto the pillowcase. No rinsing is required.

This hydrating face mask will continue to soak in and hydrate while you sleep! For extra pampering for your skin, sleep with a silk pillowcase to help reduce wrinkles!

Wash face as needed in the morning.

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– Organic Mango butter: contains antioxidants and essential fatty acids to hydrate and moisturize skin! It is non comedogenic. It also soaks in fast, and melts on contact, making it my favorite butter!

– Organic Aloe Vera Gel helps seal in moisture and is safe for dry and oily skin. It also contains natural salicylic acid and can help reduce redness and is also non-comedogenic.

– Organic Argan Oil is known as liquid gold for your skin. It helps balance oil production in your skin, can potentially plump fine lines, reduces redness, and helps give skin a natural glow. It is also non-comedogenic.

– Organic Vegetable Glycerin is a humectant that helps attract and hold in moisture! It is also non-comedogenic!

Little fun fact: Glycerin molecules are smaller so it goes deeper into to skin giving much-needed moisture whereas hyaluronic acid has bigger molecules that sit on top of the skin providing moisture on top of the skin.

Glycerin doesn’t always get the love it should!

– Organic Irish Sea Moss, Bladder Wrack, and Burdock Root powder blend: Irish moss contains collagen, is non-comedogenic, and is a gentle exfoliator that also provides moisture.

Bladder Wrack contains fucoidan which helps stimulate collagen production. Burdock root has antibacterial properties that help gently cleanse skin without stripping moisture.

* It is important to note that these sea ingredients may smell like the sea, but it is not strong.

They potentially can help thyroid support, but if you have thyroid conditions and would rather these ingredients be left out, they can be substituted for chia seeds if you would still like some exfoliation.

– Organic Agar (Seaweed powder) can soften skin and is rich in minerals, and acts as a natural binder to blend ingredients together.

– Organic Ylang Ylang and Turmeric essential oils, earthly floral warm aphrodisiac scent, and can promote natural glow.

– Organic Vitamin E Oil moistures skin.

– Organic Marula Oil also hydrates skin!


– organic and vegan

– 2 oz

– plastic squeeze tube.

– recyclable

– mini makeup eraser to easily wipe off excess if needed.

– custom label


– Moisturize skin.

– Gentile exfoliation.

– Use a pea size and add more as needed.

– weekly, or bi-monthly use recommended.

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