About Us

Our Story

Our Company Galilee Life is a Christian online marketplace that caters to small businesses in search for more than a platform to create, buy, and sell goods. It is for small businesses in search of one on one connection and encouragement. Our mission is to restore the hopes and dreams of small online businesses. Passion fuels everything that we do at Galilee Life. We’re inspired by our community, the love and support from our small businesses and customers, the carefree calm that is felt while browsing for something beautiful; the eager anticipation after checkout; the joy of opening a package just for you; the confidence of putting on a new outfit that makes you feel incredible. Galilee Life is about making life more beautiful so that you can shine inside and out.

Our Team


Our team comprises of many individuals. Our vendors are part of our company and family and we love each and everyone of them. They bring Galilee Life, to life everyday with their amazing products and willingness to work through the obstacles in life. They are growing with us and we couldn’t ask for anything better. Within our company, we have special individuals that work alongside the founder to help in all aspects of our journey.  At Galilee Life, we are a family. We love people and welcome all into our space, but most importantly our hearts.


Neivis Paulino is a Christ believer, a wife, mom of two beautiful girls, daughter, sister and friend. Neivis is a Health Care Administration graduate, and an entrepreneur. Founding Galilee Life came with great sacrifice, but she was driven by her love, obedience to God and deep desire to make a positive difference in the lives of many. Despite some troubled times in her own life, she is certain that her relationship with God is where she has found her true strength, deep love for herself, family and others. Trials of all sorts have only intensified her longing for empowering others. Working closely with people in need, she saw the power of personal connection and how something as small as a piece of clothing or handmade item could inspire joy through difficult times. With our company Galilee Life, she longs to grow an inspiring unified community of small business owners.


Waikiki Paulino began his professional involvement in real estate within the construction field working with investors, union and non-union construction managers since 1998. He graduated from New York City Technical College with a degree in Structural Engineering and Architectural Studies. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from Pratt Institute and furthered his education by attending real estate masters courses at New York University in addition to various independent real estate training courses. His executive level of expertise and knowledge will help take our company Galilee Life to the next level. Waikiki is a Christ believer, husband to Neivis Paulino, father to two beautiful girls, and he fully understands that this marketplace is a mission given to us by God.

Executive Assistant

Aidayvette Febles wears many hats within our company. She is our Creative Account Manager and Fashionista. Aidayvette is a warrior and even when encountering many obstacles in her life, she is determined to work hard and continues being very instrumental in the development and growth stages of Galilee Life. She is an honors Law Student, with a background in Legal Interpreting and Translation and is currently in preparation of speaking at several conferences in the Spanish language, that will equally serve as an instrument to further her development with Galilee Life and career goals. We are sure that once you get to meet her through emails and other forms of interaction, on and off line, you will love her as well.

Director of Operations

Vone Kevitz is a Design Studio Coordinator by day and pursuing her handmade knit and crochet career by night. She has been an entrepreneur of 5 years selling one of a kind scarves for ladies who Dare To Be Original.


Vone is the founder of the Dare To Be Original FB group and a thriving YouTube channel where she teaches and motivates creatives to pursue their passions fearlessly. As our Brand Strategist, Vone will continue helping people within our company, live their authentic lives fearlessly, enhancing their brands through a fully developed marketing plan that analyzes current and future needs.


“My daddy always told me that I can do anything anyone else can do, if not better. And I am here to tell everyone that we are all created by our Creator in His image to create great things in this world.” – Vone Kevitz

Social Media Manager

Julissa Febles has over 8 years of volunteering and community building experience. Julissa graduated with a B.S. in Criminal Justice and is currently in the process of becoming an exemplary Police Officer, with her dreams of ranking highest in her journey to making her community and this world a much better place. She expresses outward what is inwardly felt, which is her love for people and desire for change.

Julissa, most known by Juli, is one of kind in her approach to incorporate the word of God into our company, our culture and social media outlets. Her passion for Christ and her hunger for God’s word and direction has made her the perfect person to occupy this position. Julissa currently manages and co-owns our Galilee Life’s Inspirational Shop and Social Media Page.

Community Manager

Mariana Valencia is first and foremost most, a lover of Jesus. Her current role within our company is the community manager for our wonderful vendors. She has had previous experience interning at Neighborhood Rescue of America with community management and recruitment. She is studying psychology at Florida International University and is excited to offer the community of GL her love and attentiveness. She loves to pray and write and can be found doing exactly that for GL and in her personal life. She lives her life with Jesus and hand in hand and with him she will help Galilee Life expand the way God wants it to.

Mariana is also one of our contributing writers for our weekly devotionals and the host to our podcast.

“To know you, trust you, love and behold you, Jesus. Every moment of every day.”- Mariana Valencia

Helping people all over the world.
Healing hearts through fashion.
Honesty is of up most importance.
Efficiency, assurance, and positivity.

What Represents Galilee Life

Galilee Life strives to be more than a community of like-minded individuals, we strive in becoming the biggest family this world has ever witnessed.

“We love hard on our vendors so they can love hard on their customers.”

Come join our family!

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.”

~ 1 Corinthians 13:4-8