How To Be Intentional With Your Customers

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We are delighted to kick off our blog with an exciting topic! How to be intentional with your customers whether the item you are selling is handmade, personally designed or bought directly from a manufacturer ……  As an entrepreneur, it is good to know your clientele, learn their likes and dislikes. First impressions are the best and most resonating ones, so try to make it count.

Being an intentional vendor matters so much! Many of us forget that a customer is not just a customer, he or she has the potential of becoming a lifelong partner. There are customers that would never deviate from their preferred shop, not only because they know they will receive the items they like, but because of the way they are treated with every transaction. It is important to not only sell and send an item off, it is important to be intentional about your offering. Do you want a one-time customer, or a returning customer? Many would answer a returning customer, of course! Well if that is the case, then it will take work, but most of all a loving and caring heart.



  1. Package your items nicely and delicately.
  2. Find ways to add a little extra gift.
  3. Buy a card and express your appreciation for their purchase, or better yet, hand write your sentiments.
  4. Ship your items as quickly as you can, remember that a customer is waiting on the other end in anticipation to receive your product.
  5. Lastly, always check up on them, ask them what they thought about your product, not just for a review, but a way for you to record the what you could’ve done better. “Constructive criticism” is always in parallel with “good advice”.


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