Happy MLK Day!!!!

Hello Galilee Life Family,

Happy MLK Day!!!! One of the many things that I loved about Martin Luther Kind Jr. was his love for unity, for community and his intelligence and God given wisdom completely on display when delivering a message. His words resonated with such depth when he was alive, but are imprinted in our brains and hearts now that he has passed. See, some may challenge the fact that it was not the right time for Dr. King to leave this world at such a young age, but I counter with, God knew that in his time here on earth he would give and write so much that his purpose when passing would have been fulfilled.

Human trafficking is a huge issue and we are not 100% aware of exact stats, but we do know how much of a negative affect this Big issue has had on many families and young children all over the world. Things to ponder. How can we as a community take action to support organizations that fight the battles that may be invisible in our daily lives, but ever so present in society and in these self-less individuals? #stophumantrafficking


Many Blessings!

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