Fundraising for our small businesses


First, thank you for being here! Our goal for this special fundraising request is to help fund our small business entrepreneurs. Galilee Life has an array of niches all throughout with handmade, retail and digital sellers. 

We know first hand what it’s like to need money for labels, marketing, to pay for websites, wholesale clothing items to resell, and materials to create handmade products. These are all costly, but the yearning to create something beautiful, make an impact, and become successful, continues to be the push that our vendors have to continue pushing forward. Many times our vendors have struggled financially, a lot still do. Our Goal is to help them grow their small businesses so that Galilee Life may continue to grow into the foundational platform that will continue to see them flourish and become successful, but most importantly reach their Godly purpose. 

Everything we do is to glorify God, and as he blesses us, we pray that he blesses all of the small businesses that put their trust in us. 

Galilee Life continues to grow and as we grow, we want all that are on this mission of love to grow too. We ask that if you feel prompted by God to donate, please do. We have created a secure donation button that will be used to collect the money and quarterly we will choose a small business to support. 

Please remember, no amount is too small. Below the donation button you will find the first business we have chosen to support, their mission, and unique needs that your donations will be used towards.