Are You Black Friday and Cyber Monday Ready?

Check out the following 8 tips below to assure a boost in sales this Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Things you can do to start this right away:

1. Change your shop’s banner to a Black Friday / Cyber Monday one with cool graphics created by you, or with the help of one of our designers. This helps create a visual in your potential customer’s brain of what’s to come. (insider: we love using canva for these.)

2. Build anticipation! This is best known as a psychological trigger or stimuli in the mind of your customers. Don’t wait until the actual day, or day before to present your sales. Plan out your sales with time and let your customer’s know before hand. Then repeat, repeat, repeat, until the day comes. Repetition helps your customers remember to come to you first.

3. Pre-order option! Sometimes your customers cannot wait to purchase, or the day of Black Friday or Cyber Monday may be such a busy one that they would love to secure a sale from you beforehand. Give your customers the option to pre-order their favorites.

4. Early bird pricing! Before the actual sales day, you may want to offer early bird pricing, which allows your customers to feel as if they have to hurry and purchase now so that they catch the best prices. Don’t forget to check your margins and make sure that your sales still allow room for you to make a profit.

5. Group some of your best sellers! bundling your products is pretty easy as a Galilee Life vendor.

6. Offer exclusive opportunities for your returning customers! A nice card with a coupon code for those that buy on Friday / Cyber Monday, or a newsletter as you grab those emails from recent purchases. We love Mailchimp because they offer free emails for up to 2,000 subscribers. Check them out.

7. When you create a sale, create urgency within those sales. As a Galilee Life vendor you are able to schedule a sale giving customers a visual of how long they have to purchase, before they miss out on your offer.

8. Use your upsells and cross sells and tailor them to specific products that are also on sale on these specific days. Give your customers the options within the product they are currently being watchful of and help them visualize what it would be like to buy multiple products.

God bless you. ❤️💜❤️💜

If you’re a Galilee Life vendor, log in to your knowledgebase for practical tips to help you navigate your shop! 

P.S. One of the most important things you can do for your business is to pray for it every day.

Verse of the week:  Psalms 118:1 says, “Give thanks to the Lord, who is good, whose love endures forever.

With Love, 

Your Galilee Life Family

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